Snorkelling the straw

Hello world.

Thus it begins, and hopefully I shall have a nice long run of random wittering about the cocktail bar scene in Edinburgh, and maybe even someone will read it.  Stranger things have happened, no?

There’s a chance you might have encountered some of my blogging before, I wrote previously on blogspot under the guise of ‘basementcat’, an amusing (well, I thought so) reference to the ‘devil’ cat who makes a recurring appearance on, still one of my favourite ways to waste an afternoon.  Those kitties, eh?  I’m totally adding that to my blogroll.  It can be the first – if anyone else knows of any cool drinks related blogs though, I’d love some pointers.   Anyway, my former blogging efforts had a tendency to be rather political, and I won’t shy away from that here, but I certainly will not be spending my time boring you with nonsense about the happenings of Westminster and their greater impact on we, the plebs.  Unless it’s drug/alcohol/licencing related, in which case I’ll probably be ranting my socks off about it.

Here I plan to talk about the things that interest me the most.  Wine.  Spirits.  Cocktails.  My favourite obsession, and one of the reasons I find myself either the life and soul of the dinner party – “Oh, Ru, you simply must come and make us some drinks tomorrow evening,” – or more usually boring the pants off people talking about fat-washing vodkas, the merits of oak-aged Anejo Tequilas over drinking Blancos and vice-versa.  It’s a topic I love, and I warn you to expect an eclectic mess of ideas, of whatever caught my interest on any given day, and general excited posts about whichever spirit I happen to have just come back from a training session on.

Oh, and for those who don’t quite get the title of this post, it’s a prime example of me being obtuse.  Snorkelling is the practice of taking a bendy straw and dipping it into a drink you are preparing in order to taste and test the balance to ensure that the proportions you have used are right.  Rather like dipping your toe into the water to test if it’s hot enough.  In fact, you could say it’s a bit like writing an initial blog post just to see if you’ve still got the interest and motivation to do it.

Well.  I suppose it seems I do.

I’ll keep writing either way, but I’d love it if you would come back to check in on my rambling from time to time.


2 thoughts on “Snorkelling the straw

  1. Hey, it’s true! Being a bartender is social currency. It’s a skill that becomes very much in demand whenever anyone is having a dinner party…

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